A simple and single house moving can b a stressful experience and when it comes to a full office relocation then things can even be a more daunting task especially with electronics, heavy equipment, or machinery especially the machinery that is making money for your business. Though it is always recommended to hire a professional moving service to make the moving experience less stressful if you want to take part in office moving then mind the fact such moving cannot be completed with success without having planning and organization. This office moving checklist will help you to have a successful moving experience without a hitch. Just continue reading the following for more information.

Moving Checklist to Follow

Following is the checklist to hp you understand and make your office moving experience convenient.

Early Planning Is Crucial

You cannot just go to your office and call your employees and say “we are moving today” you cannot take such a decision too quickly or the whole process cannot b done in rush. You need to let your workers know about this and have to start the planning process early, letting them know their duties regarding moving and guide them about how they will b doing it, and when it should be done. Otherwise, there will be huge chaos and the whole process May end up costing even more than hiring the commercial movers in Dubai. After all who will wants to be in the office for the whole night and throwing files and stationery in a box or trying to figure out how they should make that heavy printer and copier ready for transportation. Prior planning will help you to work with the commercial movers in Dubai and you can effectively guide your staff about how things should be delivered and where they should be delivered.

Create a blueprint of your current office to find out if you need any improvement in the new workplace or not. It is compulsory to take your time which can be about 2-3 months before plan your move, and w a month get things organized for moving. While planning, don’t forget to plan your budget as well.

A Moving Manager Appointment

Something that is often overlooked is the appointment of the moving manager. Even though the tasks have been allocated but you will still need to find a person who can track the moving process progression though you will not have to worry about this while working with the office movers and packers in Dubai but if you want to, you can appoint from the administration or a person who has previously handled the commercial moving.

Contacting a Moving Company

Office moving is way different and tougher than house moving so contacting professional office packers and movers will be a great idea. However, office movers can be expensive and fast so you must search thoroughly and have some affordable companies in your hands, compare them and get the free quotes first for a better idea about different companies. You can look for different comparison websites to know some good office movers in Dubai. For a better experience, it is important to look for a company that has to offer all services from packing your stuff to moving and unpacking them to the destination. If you don’t have any idea about hiring professional office movers in Dubai, you get references from friends, family members, and colleagues who have hired the moving service previously. Make sure you are about to hire a company with a proven track record of success and is licensed and insured.

The I.T Problem

This is perhaps one of the major problems in any organization that when they shift their offices to a new location they will have to disconnect their equipment and reconnect them. This could be quite a situation while moving so it is compulsory that you draft a plan before the move with your IT staff to transfer the equipment from your IT office. This includes your computers, printers, phones, and servers along with your internet plans. This is something that cannot be outsourced to the movers so it is crucial to get your team to work on it as soon as possible. It is also a good time to dispose of the old equipment that you aren’t using anymore. Either waste them properly or donate them to an organization that accepts this kind of donation.

Assign Individual Tasks

While your selected office moving company in Dubai is working on packing some major office stuff, you must assign individuals to pack their desks. Give your staff advance time so they can pack their stuff without wasting the time and encourage them to pack them on time so they will pack their stuff with care and before the deadline.

Labeling the Boxes

Though the moving company experts know labeling is crucial for their convenience you can do it by yourself while working with them. It is even better to label your stuff on your own so there won’t be any misunderstanding regarding your stuff. Offices have tons of light and heavy equipment so label each box with care from printer papers to toners to the copier, paper shredder to the printer. This will make the unpacking even more efficient as the movers will have clear instructions about each product already.

Moving Non-Essential Item

This is perhaps one of the best ways to make your moving experience more convenient. You can make things simple by making the non-essential and small items from the office such as lamps, plants, and bulk office supplies on your own and it would even be great if you can set up things before officially moving.


Office moving can be a daunting task but organizing and a proper plan can make the whole process less stressful not only for you but for your staff as well. To make things easier, you must contact professional office packers and movers in Dubai and ask for their guidance as well.

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