Moving day is more like a mixed bag of emotion for any individual. Those who have to move to a new place especially from a home where they have so many years will be more sensitive than others on a moving day. Moving to the new residence can be challenging. There are many challenges that one may have to face and there can be some hazards that should have been considered before moving. Though it is recommended that you opt for the Professional Movers and Packers Dubai to make things less hassle but if you want to do the moving on your own then there are some safety tips that you should be following. It’s crucial to stay safe when you are about to relocate to your new home and just continue reading the following.

Prepare Your Way

One of the first things you should have in mind is that you are prepared for the way. This starts with the first aid kit and it means that you should have a first aid kit near you all the time rather than having it deep in the box named miscellaneous.  This kit will help you to treat minor scratches, cuts, and wounds that one may get while packing belongings. Next, you should prepare your way where all the belongings are going to be delivered. You should clear from any pebbles, stones, and anything that may interrupt the working of mover teams. This shouldn’t only be limited to house movers but your team of office movers in Dubai should also have a clear path so office stuff would be delivered without any hassle. If you are about to move to a multiunit building then you will need to make sure that your neighbors shouldn’t interrupt the route instead they should be using the service stairs or elevator if there are available in the building.

Moving Dolly and Furniture Sliders

One of the major problems that almost every home mover has to face is the heavy furniture and an appliance moving that is impossible to move for an individual. Appliances such as refrigerator, cooking range, and commercial freezers or furniture in our homes like queen-size beds, closets, sofas, and cabinets. Though Commercial Movers Dubai have appropriate tools and experience to move such heavy items for individuals moving such heavy it is important to hire tools that will make it safe and secure to carry such heavy tools. Furniture sliders are tools that are used to lift heavy furniture items that may slide under the furniture that make it easy to move and so are the dollies. You can call CBD movers to hire them for your safety and convenience. Not only they will make the furniture moving easy and convenient but it will also make it safer to move as well.

Lift With Care

Once you got the tools, it is time to do some stretch before you start lifting the furniture. You should carefully pick up heavy items such as boxes. You will need to make sure that you are lifting them with a straight back and not arched or hunched, especially when you are lifting from the floor, do not bend your knees especially when you are crouching. Shift the load on your legs or and lift the items straight. This will help you to keep your back in a balanced position and it will not put stress on your back. If you need to move while carrying heavy items then do not twist your body instead move your feet together to avoid any serious injury.

Suitable Clothing and Shoes

Moving day is a busy day and you will be worried about many things and your least concern would be getting injured. You are working with the house movers in Dubai or you are working on your own, you will need to in proper outfit. Dress according to the occasion and this includes your tops, bottoms, and your shoes as well. Wearing a tight dress will restrict your movement for both men and women should be avoided. Shoes should be simple and they should have some sort of grippe texture as well. Any shoes that are prone to slip can cause some serious injuries especially when you have to move with heavy furniture on stairs. So any loose flip flops, slippery sandals, or heals should be avoided and shoes that cover your feet would help you to avoid any injury.

Quality Packing Material

This is another recommendation from CBD movers. You shouldn’t compromise on the packing material. Be it in the boxes, packing tape, wrapping paper, packing paper, fleece (if required for fragile items) dolly and furniture sliders, industrial grade gloves, markers, and sticky notes. You should get all things around you before start you’re moving because you will not want to travel back and forth to store and home each time you run out of paper or tape roll. If you aren’t sure that how much packing material would be enough then you can contact CBD movers and let us know your packing details and our representative will deliver you directly and if you want you can order in excess to not run out of any of them. Also, the quality of the boxes should be good enough to hold items such as heavy books, china items, and crockery. For better security of china crockery and décor, you should store them using some clothing items or fleece.

Consult With Professional Movers and Packers Dubai

If you need any assistance regarding house moving safety tips then it is better to get in touch with professional movers and packers Dubai. CBD movers have to offer an active customer care service that is ready to provide the best answers and help to their customers upon contact. If you need any help or want to hire the

Packers and Movers In Dubai for residential and commercial moving then CBD movers are ready to help 24×7. Contact now for any help.

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