Ever since the world faced its first lockdown, things got changed quite a lot. Our shopping, living and even clubbing habits have been changed in many ways. It won’t be wrong to say, we are also a generation who have seen and witnessed a pandemic and yet learning a lot. However, in this pandemic and post lockdown, things haven’t stopped which is the moving. Just like any other metro city in the world, Dubai is no different where people are always on the move. Professional movers in Dubai are constantly helping in moving even in the pandemic.  If you have to move but you are also concerned about the pandemic then you aren’t the only one. At CBD Movers, we understand these concerns and we prefer the safety of our customers and the team that is about to work for them in the move. So here are the tips for those who have to move and are concerned about pandemics to make the moving process smoother.

Contacting the Moving Company First

Just when you have decided to move and looking for a free quote then it is better to call your selected packers and movers In Dubai and talk about their methodology and the protocols they are following to avoid any consequences in covid-19. What kind of safety measures they are using and what steps would be taken to make sure the customers and moving team are secure in this pandemic. In Dubai, there will strict guiltiness to follow by the movers and they will vary by city and state. Talk about them thoroughly and make sure that you are comfortable about this and you both know what to expect while moving from one place to another in this pandemic.

Ask for the Virtual Moving Quote

Even though the lockdown has been over but letting a stranger come inside a home in this situation may not be comfortable for everyone. You must ask them about the virtual moving quote where companies can provide you the estimate without visiting physically over videos. This is the reason that, unlike any other local Dubai Movers, CBD movers are offering this no-contact virtual moving quote service as well where you can use the video call to get an estimate without waiting or you can send the video of your residence or office to ask for a quote. This is like a regular quote but the representative from CBD mover will not come to your location physically.

Buy Supplies At One Time and Buy More Than Estimated

Thanks to vaccination, the threat of the coronavirus has been reduced quite a lot but it is still recommended to avoid direct contact without masks and avoid crowds. So it is better to shop as soon as possible that too without wasting a moment and don’t forget to buy more than you estimated. This is because you will not want to go outside and visit the store, again and again, to buy just one roll of tape or packing paper sheet. Make a list and estimate how much would be enough and it is better to spend a little extra. You can contact CBD, professional movers In Dubai for any packing essential you need and our representative will provide you all of the essentials without having you coming outside if you don’t want to.

Appoint One Person at the Day of Move

On the day of moving, you must appoint at least one person from your house that will interact with the moving team. No, not as the moving manager because it is appointed by the company of movers and packers Dubai but the person appointed by you will make sure that the family members will be safe from outside contact and exposure to the virus.

Sanitize and Clean Your House before Move

Just when the time of move arrives, you will need to make sure that you have sanitized your home before your belongings are about to be delivered. Visit it and disinfect it with sanitizers and other cleaning products especially the touch points such as door handles and doorknobs. Not only it will ensure the safety of your family members but your moving team will be safe in this situation as well. In the case of CBD movers, our team will always come with their sanitizer and types of equipment but it would be better to bring another sanitizer, soap, and paper towels so your moving team will have quick access to them while they are working.

Sanitize Your Home before Moving

Though it has been mentioned earlier it is recommended that you sanitize your home before moving in. In this pandemic, you will want your Moving Company In Dubai to follow the protocols to avoid any exposure to the virus but you must also clean your house before moving and perform a thorough cleaning and sanitization doors, countertops, rooms, and any other part of the house you think you should be taking care of. You must do your part to make sure that you have cleaned any germs left by the previous owners of the residents.

Give Your Team of Packers and Movers in Dubai A Little Time

Yes, we understand that you need to move your house and that too as soon as possible but several factors can affect the progress of the moving process especially due to pandemics, new rules and protocols need to be followed to fight against the COVID-19. This may take a little extra time so instead of stressing out, you must give yourself and your selected movers a little time. The process might seem slow but it will be smoother and secure which is good for your good.

Need to know more about moving in COVID-19! You can directly contact CBD movers by calling or you can send an email if you need to learn anything about our service and the protocols we follow for the maximum safety of our team and our customers.

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